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Nail Services

Please note that all of our artificial nails only come with certain length and shapes.
If you wish to have longer nails or Cut-down/custom shapes/gel color/glitters and designs there will be an extra charge.
Please ask our Nail Technician for more information.
Acrylic (Gel Powder)
Full Set Clear $29
Clear Fill In $19
Full Set White Tips with Gel Top Coat $39
Fill In White with  Gel Top Coat $29
Nail Repair $5+
Pink & White (Solar Powder)
Full Set Pink & White $49
Pink & White Back Fill $45
Pink Fill $29
Nail Repair $5+
Add shellac color or color tips are extra…
All artificial nails are included gel top coats.
Liquid Gel Builder (IBD)
Full Set Clear $45
Clear Fill In $35
Full Set White/Pearl Tips $50
Full Set Pink & White $65
Pink Fill In $45
Pink & White/Clear Back Fill $60
Nail Repair $5+
SNS (Dipping Powder System)
SNS Color No Extensions $40
SNS Color With Extensions $45
SNS Clear/Pink & White No Extensions $50
SNS Clear/Pink & White With Extensions $55
Glitter color is extra…
Regular Manicure add on with SNS is $10 more.