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Hands & Feet Services

All Manicure and Pedicure services for children under 11 years of age: $7 OFF
Hand services slightly differs from feet services.
All treatment comes with the essentials of trimming, buffing, shaping of the nails/ cuticles, callus treatment and regular polish.
All pedicure bowls are wrapped with a plastic liner for sanitary and health purposes.
All the essentials of a classic manicure and pedicure. A 5 minute foot massage with a bamboo stick, warm lotion followed by a hot towel. Get a weekly maintenance on your hands and feet to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Bella Hands $19
Bella Feet $29
Bella Combined $46


Bella Vita
Live a little more with our signature manicure/ pedicure and all of the essentials of a Bella. Nourish your skin with an exfoliating sugar scrub and soothing mask by (OPI). Enjoy a 10 minute foot massage with a bamboo stick followed by a hot towel.
Bella Vita Hands $27
Bella Vita Feet $39
Bella Vita Combined $63
Introducing AFRODITES’s using the (VOESH) spa collection. VOESH Spa products are made with many key ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. VOESH Spa system helps exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin. Each packet is sealed tight to maintain freshness of aroma. Our 4 step process is the ultimate spa treatment that your skin deserves. To enhance your pleasure you get your choice of the heated jade/marble stone treatment or paraffin wax treatment followed by 15 minutes of bamboo stick massage and hot towels.
Afrodite’s Hands $35
Afrodite’s Feet $49
Afrodite’s Combined $80
Ancient Herbal
For centuries, Aromatherapy has been known to treat many ailments. Using natural sources from the earth, aromatherapy can influence moods, uplifit the senses and promote well being. Treat yourself to our soybean scrub made with raw organic demerara sugar and moisturizing shea butter/ aloe vera mask mixed with your choices of available herbs from (Botanical Escapes). Then enjoy a 15 minute massage with heated jade/marble and a little reflexology with a bamboo stick followed by a paraffin wax while wrapped with hot towels. Pamper yourself with the essence of nature’s natural healing powers.
Ancient Herbal Hands $45
Ancient Herbal Feet $59
Ancient Herbal Combined $99